Monday, March 23, 2015

The changing seasons

Here in Romania the winter is OFFICIALLY ENDING =D

The experts are saying that spring has officially begun. This was news to me as I had always  thought it started on 1 February or St. Brigits day! But for our continental cousins it starts almost two months later!

During the changing of the seasons you can be very prone to coughs and colds, so last week I headed to the Salt mine in Turda to arm my immune system against the bugs and virus's that the changing weather brings.

This week was a sunny yet nippy one and I enjoyed it! As well as going to my regular activities we have added new schools to our list. On Thursday we went to Cavnic, in the mountains where it was.... SNOWING mad huh?! Back in Baia Mare we sang songs with our Kindergarten class and colored shamrocks with our other students.

This weekend was fun, I got the bus to Sigisoara the beautiful medieval city and really enjoyed wandering her ancient streets. It is rumored to be where Vlad the Impaler, the person whom the legend of Dracula is based on was born. The near by hills are beautiful for walks and give a wonderful view of the citadel.

It was a nice week yet busy! I hope the next one will be nice and full of interesting things.

Row, row, row my boat!


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