Monday, January 26, 2015

"the opposite of war isn't peace it's creation"

This is my favorite quote from my number 1 musical, RENT. If you have not seen it I strongly recommend you do! I have gotten into the habit of reading quotes for inspiration for my blog. And this one was quite fitting for my past week.

Why ?
I am starting an Art club in Bella Baia Mare (yes, you are all invited!). In order to start this I need to actually practice what I preach, that is get creative!! And contrary to popular belief, art and artistic persuits are NOT relaxing or calming. Instead they are frustrating , you feel the constant need to improve to change and to evolve your abilities. The need to put what you had in you head onto paper to show things how you see them.

This is why I believe that creation is in fact the opposite of war. That war is the negative use of our energy and that creativity uses our energy to create something new and beautiful. Think about it,I don't mean war on a huge scale, between countries but in our own personal lives. When we complain,  gossip, intimidate these actions (and MANY MORE) create negative feelings with other people and within ourselves. But this energy could be turned and with an equally strong force to create something. It doesn't have to be a painting or a anything artistic at all. You can create many things in this world for example ideas, movements . Does something annoy you? Instead of using your energy to complain use it to find a creative solution. Can you now see that the results of creativity will have a more positive impact thus a happier one than the results of moaning.

So look around you what negative situations can you change today with creativity?

I leave you with a link for the RENT trailer:


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