Monday, February 23, 2015

Where in the world am I?

A few Irish friends have been saying they want to read my blog. No pressure guys!

So I have been thinking what will I say to you ?

No doubt you have questions about Romania. What is it like? Why should I visit?

I am going to deal with your questions below!

Firstly , what is Romania like?

Well this is a topic that really can't be covered in one blog post.
It is a country of huge mountains, lakes , rivers and one small sea side. The countryside in autumn and spring is an explosion of color, trees changing on a massive scale. That brings me to something I have already discussed in previous posts, but that is space. The mountains, hills and valleys are HUGE . The sense of space is incredible.  It is truly a huge country that I will be very lucky to even explore a fraction of her during my ten months here.

The Romanians are welcoming and warm and always up for a bit of fun! The food here is in a word, yum. Romania is wine producing country and home made foods such as placintas, sarmale and wines are common at a dinner. There are also liquors
such as Palinka and visnete which I consider both lovely and lethal!

Any of you considering to visit me Romania has it all! Mountains (Yes I know I already mentioned them but they are pretty incredible!) , a fascinating culture and history , beautiful old fairy tale castles, skiing, hot thermal baths (mmmmm I already tested these for you and they are incredible!), healing salt mines and beautiful churches which are so different to what I have ever seen before. They are an explosion of color and life.

I've said a few times this is a huge country! So where exactly am I in it ? I live in Baia Mare (not much help?) I live in the Northernmost point of the country and am only a few short hours from the Ukrainian border. The county I am in is Maramures . The Telegraph called Maramures "a rural fairytale" and I can't agree with them more. Traditional costumes are still worn on special occasions and festivals. And many traditions are still practiced.

It's an incredible place and I am here waiting for you!



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