Monday, January 12, 2015



I have suffered from this as far back as I can remember the month of January. I truly dislike January, a clean page it maybe but it is still my least favorite month!

When I was younger I remember trudging back to school and knowing that all goodies would have been hidden away when I came home. In recent years the first days of work was like the mother of all hangovers lasting until the February came around. So my solution to January is similar to that of many of my contemporary's, make like a bear.... that is hibernate, refresh myself from the incessant party that was December and anybody who gets in the way of this gets growled at!!

Needless to say I entered into my January in Baia Mare with similar expectations of all the previous years.My expectations no money, no chocolate and no motivation to get out of bed for anything other than necessary daily activities!

But I have been pleasantly surprised! My Janxiety is not so bad in the world of EVS and Baia Mare. It is difficult to fret over the impending Mastercard bill when playing games with four year olds and trying to understand what Santa brought. And when I'm not working or planning activities there's lots of adventures to be had! This weekend I visited the Merry Cemetery where I found a new perspective on life death and remembrance. I once read that funerals are not for the dead but for the living and after visiting the Merry Cemetery I see a perfect balance for family to remember those who have left without creating a starry image not befitting to that person.

With so many activities, mental and physical it's hard to wallow in the pits of January , although nobody can deny my valent tempts of wallowing and to hibernate! So now this bear is happy to keep trudging in the deep dark pits of January but will be very happy when spring comes.  



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