Monday, March 16, 2015

Leaving the comfort zone

Dear friends! 

How was your week? 

What did you learn?

Did you try anything new?

I was writing an email to a old colleague telling her about my news, what I had been up to excetra,
Looking over it before I hit send I saw how different my life looks to what it was when we worked together as colleagues. How strange my daily activities must sound to her and the problems and dramas that crop up sound completely alien. It's not a new musing, you will see I have discussed it in my blogs in the past.

As the weeks go by everyday I notice that I am doing something new and this challenges me. That sounds like a nice sentence, full of motivational activities but its not all simple. Challenging yourself to take a risk and step outside your comfort zone is difficult and not always fun - but the results of doing this are!

So what fruits have my new activities born? I have traveled the length of Romania, I have met some incredible and inspiring people (some not so too), seen beautiful sights ended up in difficult situations and I think I now have a new outlook on many aspects of life.

So message of this blog? Do something different today , it doesn't have to be something wild or crazy , in fact I don't think that wild crazy adventures come from nowhere. They begin when you slowly make changes and try new things. That is to say step outside the comfort zone. So today go somewhere new, order something new even watch something new. Who knows where this will lead you!


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