Monday, March 30, 2015

So long, farewell!

Another week has passed and a new one beckon's to me. My EVS adventure continues but it ends for one of my esteemed colleagues Tazo. This week he will go back to Georgia and although we have only know each other five short months we will miss him and it feels that an integral part of our team will leave.
                                                           We will miss you Tazo!!!

This week was relatively uneventful - for me that is , for those of my friends reading from Ireland it must read like a big adventure, but there was a lull in my travels and  adventures this week!

In the Hungarian school we sang "Twinkle , Twinkle little star" all together and I even choreographed the awesome moves to go with the song! It was our second week in Cavnic and we really got to know the group. Together we prepared three plays , written and performed by the children themselves! Our workshops are in full swing and the activities are so diverse. This week we recorded a song - we are sure it will be a summer hit! On Wednesday we discussed culture shock and in Art club we painted our Pinatas =D In the pretty village of Copanic the school had prepared a big party for Tazo, it was for his birthday and his farewell showing to us how much they will miss him too!!


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