Monday, April 27, 2015

Welcome back to Orla's adventures!


It can be fast , slow , forward and backwards ! The only thing that matters is it's yours! 

Own it! 

Enjoy it!!

After a brief pause in my blogging I am back!! With stories galore and insights to share!!

I think one of  the most important lessons I learnt is the one I started with!  This with many more I learnt at a YMCA training in Coaching. It was held in Baia Mare and I learnt so much , including how to ehh.. coach ! There was a lot of focus on self development and we learnt so much about ourselves and new skills such as communication , presentation and empathy. I want to spend the next few months developing what I learnt and who knows what will happen!

Another great thing about the training was the opportunity to meet so many FANTASTIC new people. I love you all!! We learnt from our trainers but most of all from each other. At the end we developed our own project ideas.  New bonds were formed and ideas shared. Through this group effort we created great projects which we can use to change the world!!

I will leave you with the words of  Yoko Ono:

You change the world by being yourself.