Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Getting to Baia Mare

Hello everyone! My name is Orla and I am a new volunteer, volunteering for the fantistic YMCA! I have participated in so many exciting events and workshops in my last two weeks, World tolerance day and team building being but two of the highlights! I can't wait to contribute to the upcoming events.

So I am here and have arrived in Baia Mare! But my adventure did not start here, my adventure truelly started at Bucharest Airport in the wee hours of 30 October. Where I sat waiting with my bags and baggage. With many questions running through my head at this point. Why am I in Romania? Where am I going? What were my feelings? Simple. Nervous. Excitment.

Of all my questions the easiest to answer was : What am I waiting for? Fany. Who is Fany? Not a lover, not a friend , but the bus that will take me to my destination. Baia Mare. I am still waiting. Although I am hopeful, she is not coming. So after abondaning all hope of finding her in the airport my adventure truly starts! I get into a cab and start on my hunt for Fany and Baia Mare.

Fany is quickly found! And I the heroine of my story meet many interesting people abord her, those who help me, and thankfully give me lunch! The next thirteen hours are long and riddled with motion sickness and exhaustion , thankfully my donated lunch is not lost! A few sharp turns , pitstops beatutiful views and I arrive in Baia Mare! Where I am met with the fantastic YMCA team and quickly whisked away to a welcome dinner where I met my fellow volunteers.
I have recovered from my initial advebture and I am settling in well! I cannot wait to meet more people!


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